Who was Charlie T. Trott?

Champion for the Developmentally Disabled (1944-2003)

A life-long Montanan, Charlie Trott served in the US Marine Corps and attained the rank of Sergeant. Charlie received both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at Eastern Montana College.

In 1966, he became the youngest ever Principal and Director of the Boulder River School and Hospital. During seven years there, Charlie’s deep devotion to the cause of improving the lives of developmentally disabled persons matured into a life-long commitment to community based programs. Charlie was a Montana leader and influential spokesperson in the successful effort to move institutional residents back into their local communities.

His philosophy was simple: Have high expectations for clients and instill in them high expectations of themselves. Hundreds of clients have proven the wisdom of this philosophy, and have greatly enriched lives based on maximum reliance on their own abilities.

Charlie emphasized the value of every human being. His enthusiasm for making a difference was contagious, and he fueled his fellow employees to continually give of themselves. He showed respect to all, and those Charlie worked for and with became his family.

Compassion. Choices. Creative supports.

This mission of Quality Life Concepts was inspired by the leadership of Charlie T. Trott, CEO, 1990-2003. His work lives on.