FAQ – Children’s Services

When should I call?
Anytime you have developmental concerns about your child. We then help you determine if we are your best resource or if there is another, more appropriate agency.

Who can make referrals?
Anyone can make the referral. It is especially beneficial if the family themselves can call, but friends, doctors, care providers or other involved with the family can call IF they have the permission of the family to do so.

What are the costs?
Services are FREE. They are available to families at all socio-economic levels.

Where are the services provided?
We work with families in their homes in nine Montana counties: Blaine, Cascade, Chouteau, Hill, Glacier, Liberty, Pondera, Teton and Toole. Our main office is in Great Falls, with satellite offices in Havre, Shelby and Browning.

How do I apply for services at Quality Life Concepts?
Call 1-800-761-2680.

Do you have a waiting list?
There are waiting lists for some programs, but not all.  Our Infant/Toddler program for children 0-3 is an entitlement program for any child who is eligible.


FAQ – Adult Services

What Adult Services do you provide?
Group home living, supported living, employment services, retirement living for developmentally disabled adults, and a retirement day program. We offer transportation services for our client’s in all supports.

How do I apply for services at Quality Life Concepts?
All adults in residential supports are referred through the State of Montana Developmental Disabilities Program.  Call 406-454-6085 in Great Falls, or 406-444-2995 in Helena.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes. The state of Montana currently has a waiting list for services.


FAQ – Donations