Infant/Toddler Program

The Infant and Toddler/Part C Program support to families when there is a question about the child’s development. We encourage families and other caregivers to help the child throughout the day. We make sure the caregivers have the materials and information they need to do this. We pull together teams of professionals to join the family in solving problems and identifying learning opportunities. Finally we make sure the family is never alone in the process. We help the family identify who they already know who can help, we make sure the family has a service coordinator, and we have a team of professionals to help.

Age Criteria
Birth until child’s third birthday.

Eligibility Criteria
Established condition (diagnosed Down Syndrome, Toxic Exposure, Seizure Disorder, Failure to Thrive, etc.) from a physician OR Demonstrating a “percentage of delay” of 50% in one area of development or 25% or greater in two or more areas of development.

Program Placement
Immediate; this is an entitlement program with no waiting list for those deemed eligible.