The Children’s Waiver Service (CWS) is created to provide home-based enhancement of independent skill development for individuals who have been clinically diagnosed as having a developmental disability. Eligibility is reviewed annually. Because of the limited number of slots available for the CWS program, eligible individuals are placed on a waiting list, maintained by the State of Montana, and screened for placement based on length of time on the waiting list. QLC can assist families with completing eligibility applications. The services provided may include but are not limited to: supported living, caregiver training and support, environmental modifications, adaptive equipment, respite care, and behavioral supports.

Behavior Support Services are provided by a state certified Autism Endorsed Family Support Specialist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA). These services are available to address assessed needs in the client’s plan of care for those who engage in challenging behaviors. Interventions used to address these challenging behaviors are evidence-based practices and utilize the basic principles of applied behavior analysis. These interventions may include responding to desired behaviors as well as challenging behaviors, preventative strategies, communication strategies, and alternative behaviors.

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Age Criteria

Children are eligible for CWS from birth until their twenty-second birthday. Transition out of this service often occurs by the age of eighteen or when the young person graduates from high school.

Eligibility Criteria

Developmentally disabled individuals must have a signed diagnostic statement from a qualified clinician indicating that the individual meets the state definition, including an IQ level below 70 AND intensive medical, behavioral or developmental needs AND a risk of out-of-home placement if intervention does not occur AND meet Medicaid eligibility on the child’s income only.

Program Placement

Individuals meeting eligibility requirements will be placed on a waiting list. Placement within this service is based on the length of time on the waiting list and is determined by the State of Montana.

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