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The 0208 Waiver Service provides home-based enhancement of independent skills development for individuals who have been clinically diagnosed as having a developmental disability prior to age 18. Eligibility for inclusion in the 0208 Waiver is determined by the Developmental Disability Program (DDP) through the State of Montana. The Services provided may include but are not limited to: residential group home support, independent supported living, caregiver training and support, environmental modifications, adaptive equipment, individual goods and services and behavioral supports.

Services provided are based on assessed needs and are written into the plan of care for each individual. Techniques used to address varying behaviors are evidence-based practices and utilize the basic principles of applied behavior analysis. These techniques may include positive reinforcement of desired behaviors, preventative strategies, communication strategies and alternative behaviors to overcome challenges.

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Eligibility Criteria

Developmentally disabled individuals must have a signed diagnostic statement from a qualified clinician indicating that the individual meets the state definition, including an IQ level below 70.

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